Today was my birthday. I appreciate all of those who wished me well and hope that I complete another year and the thus the cycle begins anew. Thank you, everyone.

Also I wrote a kickass article about a local cafe on the south side of Chicago. Published in the South Side Weekly, I hope that it might entertain you all. Here is the Link!!!




Over the last couple of months, I have been organizing a new music collective. The Lakebeat Social Club is a group of like minded musicians hell bent on creating an inclusive community all while building a larger musical movement.

Our first event was held at the Hyde Park Art Center. Performers included Tye L’Ouverture, Amelia Sweet Bluebird and my talented Student Lucy Dometrescu.  It was a wonderfully attended event and we found other creative types that were interested in building a larger movement.

Lakebeat social club presents.jpg