Music Bio

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Payton-Carrillo has spent a lifetime honing his musical talents, which shine brightly on “Amor Verdadero,” his latest work due to be released on August 6, 2021.

Track by track, “Amor Verdadero” is an exploration of Payton-Carrillo’s self discovery, shaped by his deep-rooted African-American and Mexican heritage and his dedication to local activism and social entrepreneurship. Stylistically blending the rhythms of soul music, brooding textures of post-punk, and a dash of that Afro-Latin influence, “Amor Verdadero” is uniquely reminiscent of Payton-Carrillo’s hometown in the South Side of Milwaukee. “Amor Verdadero” weaves each of these influences together through eleven multi-lingual tracks, highlighted by singles “I Can’t Help” and the title track, “Amor Verdadero”.

Over the years, Brandon Payton-Carrillo has collaborated with such musicians as Soul Legend Harvey Scales, Pearl Livingston, Apollo Mighty, Kristen Englenz, Danny Slor of Marbin, Angel Bat Dawid and James Tristan Redding.

In 2017, Brandon Payton-Carrillo founded the Hyde Park School of Music to provide music instruction to the underserved South Side of Chicago. The Hyde Park School of Music’s mission is part of Brandon Payton-Carrillo’s vision of spreading love and solidarity to people who’s voice is often ignored.
Hyde Park School of Music

Also in 2017, Brandon Payton-Carrillo released an electronic album under the name, FoXXGLOVE.