Music Bio

Brandon Payton-Carrillo is a singer-songwriter from Milwaukee. During the cold winter of 2011, Brandon form a new band with mission statement of writing songs dedicated to love in all of it’s forms. Brandon formed a new backing group that has begun performing nationwide under the name “The Love Is Loud!!”. Along with Brandon, the current lineup includes Dan Webster on drums and Rob Sanchez on percussion.

Rust Magazine describes Brandon the Love is Loud!! as:

“Brandon Payton-Carrillo merges rock, pop, disco and classic soul vibes into a smooth-grooving fresh collage with his album The Break Up and it seriously impresses.”

“Performing as ‘Brandon Payton-Carrillo and The Love Is Loud’ with engineering help from Jamison Thorwald, the vibe they achieve on The Break Up is something of a Brian Ferry-meets-Maxwell Motown-meets-Manchester blend.”

The music stylistically blends the rhythms of soul music with a dash of Afro-Latin influences and the brooding textures of post-punk into something uniquely of the South Side of Milwaukee. Lakebeat is the common verbiage used by the band to express the quality within their music. Only from the shores of Lake Michigan could this sound emerge.

Over the years, Brandon Payton-Carrillo has collaborated with such musicians as Soul Legend Harvey Scales, Pearl Livingston, Apollo Mighty, Kristen Englenz, Danny Slor of Marbin, Angel Bat Dawid and James Tristan Redding.

In 2017, Brandon Payton-Carrillo founded the Hyde Park School of Music to provide music instruction to the underserved South Side of Chicago. The Hyde Park School of Music’s mission is part of Brandon Payton-Carrillo’s vision of spreading love and solidarity to people who’s voice is often ignored.
Hyde Park School of Music

Also in 2017, Brandon Payton-Carrillo released an electronic album under the name, FoXXGLOVE.